From sanity to sanitizer

How did it come to this one might ask.

Before people considered themselves sane while a fragrance, I’m sorry, a fragment later.. in 2020 to be exact, many started to take exorbitant showers of sanitizer in front of supermarkets and other shops. I will admit it was largely at hand but did you have to use it so vividly?

Sprays of pure alcohol and chemicals sufficated the air as if there was no tomorrow. Did anyone bother to look down?

After you have been warned not to look up? When this moisty bom of toxic material hits the ground it eats away just about everything. Stands full of rust remained after multiple use of this ‘good habit’. Clean your hands! was the summit.

There is nothing to be found in any sanitizer or hand gel that purifies the human body or adds to a good health. On the contrary I’m afraid.  Doing what is demanded of you often backfires you know. It is your own sanity alone that always saves the day along side a healthy intuition and a good sense of humor. Therefore I beg of you…Please stop using liquids else then water to rinse your beautiful, creative, talented, warm, gentle pair of hands. They carry the magic of nature and don’t need any help to supply good bacterias to keep you safe.

When did we go from sanity to sanitizer and more over…For who and why?!

Korte column uit Pandora’s Amfora (13)

15 februari 2024