Tucker or Trucker

It must be in the name. In the name of freedom to at least try to give people access to two sides of a (his)story. Do you remember when the Canadian truck drivers drove to Ottawa to demand freedom of speech, demonstration and choice? That was huge and if you look at all the farmers protesting all over the world because they would like to simply live in a fair balance of treatment and enjoy delivering food you might say it is a snow ball effect.

Do people feel the importance of this? Or do we really think that they are driving their tractor to join brothers and sisters to enjoy, to have fun. Every day they protest they don’t earn money for their families.

Now let’s go to Tucker. Tucker Carlson, an American journalist, went to Russia to hear the other side of the story. So what?! There are always two sides to a story so we might as well listen to both of them. I watched the full two hours and I feel after also doing some research the last few years what could be the situation. Is it really so hard to listen to your gut feeling, your intuition and decide for yourself what is going on? Don’t let anyone or anything polarize us.

We are humans and we need each other. We need to learn from each other and love one another. This is the only mission, our only task. To help creation not destruct it. There is no side. There is only this here, planet Earth. Can we please start doing the necessary and stop waisting our time and energy on negativity, anger and fear.

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9 februari 2024